Heiðrik is a Faroese singer, songwriter and producer, who has recently been working on his upcoming debut single Maria’s Donkey. He teamed up with the multi-award winning composer Rosabella Gregory (BMI Award, Cosmopolitan Woman Of Achievement, BBC Pebble Mill Winner, Pullen Memorial Prize) to create a unique strings- driven arrangement for his song.

Having collaborated with the likes of Jools Holland and Delilah, Rosabella’s long-standing experience gorgeously compliments Heiðrik’s creative songwriting skills to bring together the sonically elegant Maria’s Donkey.

The tone is set immediately by a very minimalistic intro with just the pizzicato strings for company. Leading into a soft and crystal-clear vocal, it creates a feeling of restraint that is softly audible to the listener.

Maria’s Donkey resembles Gotye doing a Lars Von Trier soundtrack, and is an interesting lead into the world of one of Scandinavia’s hottest new artists. In other words, Heiðrik’s upcoming new single is a real treat for everyone, and will be available for sale and download everywhere in July.

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/heidrik

Website: http://www.heidrik.com

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/heidrik