“There’s something about the night time, something happens when the sun goes down. Reason and logic depart, magic and mystery arrive.” We all have those late night stay-ups just because we’re in the moment doing something we enjoy and which we wish could last just a little bit longer. The day, however, has run out of hours, so you have to dig into the late hours of the night knowing tomorrow you’ll be half-functional…

Next time you are doing that particular thing at 1am, remember that somewhere on the other side of the world, Husky’s Gideon and Gawenda are then sitting on their porch in Australia plonking away on their guitars til early hours of dawn. With their signature folk mix with indie rock, natural talent for catchy melodies, what they actually make on that porch together is high quality stuff.

In the style of Goldheart Assembly and Midlake, Husky are known for their guitar riffs, melodic lead vocals, catchy bass-line and a steady bit. They create a solid acousta-pop-indie track which will have you tapping your foot to the rhythm the moment the memorable and hooky choruses of theirs kick in.