Mo Kenney

Mo Kenney is a multi-award winning artist with a few prestigious prizes under her belt, including the Canadian Folk Music Award for New/Emerging Artist of the Year, the East Coast Music Award for Pop Recording of the Year, and 3 Nova Scotia Music Awards.

Her upcoming musically spotless new single In My Dreams takes the listener on a memorable emotional rollercoaster filled with passion, honesty and attitude whilst following the classic melody thinking “This song should’ve already been written ages ago, it sounds this timeless”.

It is rare for a young artist to be able to escape genre classification as smoothly as Mo Kenney. "To have my foot in a couple of different genres and have people recognise that is cool." In My Dreams is refreshingly varied stylistically but yet so melodic and memorable. “It is definitely bigger sonically than my previous stuff, and I see it as different lyrically too," says Kenney.

The stage is literally set for her, and she has grown in every facet of her craft - as a singer, songwriter, guitarist and performer. In My Dreams will be out 27th November 2015.