Plastic Fish Records

Plastic Fish Records is an independent UK record label which provides the voice and the support for underground bands. They have already signed a variety of indie acts who represent the sound of youth and vigorous energy from all over the world.

Plastic Fish Records have just released a compilation EP called American Sole, which includes the best upcoming new indie acts from The UK, The States and Europe.

Plastic Fish Records -

Track List:

Beach Youth – ‘Days’ (Exclusive)

The Sea The Sea – ‘Captives’ (Exclusive)

Joeyy Four – ‘BOYZ II GIRLZ’ (Exclusive)

Nicotine Dream – ‘Don’t See It Coming’

YOOFS – ‘Cant Think’ (Exclusive)

King TV – ‘Stop Your Crying’

Ghosthouse – ‘Carry On’

Inspired and the Sleep – ‘Pool Guard’ (Exclusive)