Rebeka consists of a very musical team, female called “I” and male called “B”. Having being compared to the likes of Roisin Murphy and Goldfrapp, the duo are about to do a special exclusive UK release of their upcoming track Stars.

Stars is a rhythmic, heady electronic anthem with a production to a “T”. Everything that happens in the song, happens for a valid reason. The arrangment has just enough tension as well breathing space, and is far from trigger-happy whilst keeping the pulse going. This skill unveils a lot of confidence from “I” and “B” with the simple fact they know what they’re doing and Stars is a shining example of it.

You know you’re in for a treat from the moment “I” begins to sing with her tranquil ice-cool vocals and lyrical hedonism. You know you’re completely hooked from the first second the beat starts. The rest is a trip and what a trip that is!

A wholesome combination of soulful electro dance, with slight touches of Groove Armada and Moloko, all beautifully wrapped into Stars, will be out 20th April 2015.