Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed single ‘Flourish’ which featured on FUSE TV’s ‘10 Best Dance Songs We Heard in February’, the Swedish synth-pop sensations Sameblod are about to release their eagerly awaited electronic pop single ‘My Fortune’. Frederick Rundqvist and Mikael Mattisson met in Stockholm by way of San Francisco (yep, really), and started making music together which they describe as “hopeful-electronic-mellow-pop with a lot of different influences”. There is a beautiful, nostalgic undertone to their tracks, resonant of the classic dance hits of summers gone by. The vocals are heavy with folkie emo angst, almost a hint of Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst. Somehow Sameblod have managed to create a sophisticated sound that is quite simply unique to them, but if we had to compare it to anything, it would be a drop of MGMT, a hint of Passion Pit and a tad of Mike Snow.