Bison Hip - 'Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life'


Despite only beginning their journey in the last few years, fast-rising outfit Bison Hip has already managed to cultivate a strong and confident sound in which to call their own. Breaking through in 2022 with their stunning debut EP 'Dear Greens & Blues' before cementing their legacy with their first studio album 'Older Stronger Better' the following year, the band have been quick to emerge as one of the more progressive on the rise recently. And looking to waste no time moving forward, they are back once again with their latest LP 'Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life', a record that looks to move in a more buoyant fashion.

With each member of the group now over fifty years old, Bison Hip's influences spread far and wide as they look to both the past and the present to inspire their newfound direction. The result is this wildly fun and exploitative endeavour that is both familiar yet distinctive in its own way. 'Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life' packs itself with plenty of enormous rock-inspired anthems, toe-tapping grooves, and soaring energy that not only keeps the momentum moving forward, but also allows them to spread their creative wings with some brilliantly immersive offerings as well.

Coming to the fold in later life certainly has its advantages as they look to create a sound that all generations can appreciate. 'Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life' is a bold and riveting release that serves as another shining example of their broad and proficient persona over these last few years.

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