Laura-Mary Carter - 'Town Called Nothing'


For the last nearly two decades, Laura-Mary Carter has fronted Brighton-based duo Blood Red Shoes. Known for their frenzied energy and blistering hooks, the pair have become a dominate force on the UK's music scene, regularly tearing up venues and audiences across the country. But with the announcement of Carter opting to venture out onto her own solo project earlier this year, many were surprised at the direction she took and where it would take her. Now after a few months of buzz, she has released her eagerly-awaited debut mini-album 'Town Called Nothing', a record that sees her adopt an entirely different dynamic to what we expected.

While her work with Blood Red Shoes has always been on a more diverse and adventurous trend, 'Town Called Nothing' is a real separation from her usual guise as she embarks through a heady maze of country-inspired grooves and atmospheric production throughout. While her rich and powerful vocals remain the heart of this new collection, there is this wonderfully bold sense of self-discovery going on here. Clearly on a mission to reach out and envelop new ideas from start to finish, 'Town Called Nothing' stands as a unique and inventive work that allows her to speak more of her truest voice throughout.

While Blood Red Shoes fans will obviously be interested in this new release, it is clear that 'Town Called Nothing' is really for Laura-Mary Carter to spread her creative wings and discover something new about herself. A vibrant selection of breezy and heartfelt offerings that add another quiver to this artist's already impressive bow to date.

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