KAWALA - 'Moonlight'

British duo follow up their latest EP with this romantic and uplifting acoustic-led serenade

Jazz July - 'Just Alright'

US outfit take their electro-pop cues from Miike Snow with this uplifting and joyful new release

LUCIA - 'Cheap Talk'

Glaswegian outfit return with another floor-shaking indie-rock stomper, with nods to Black Honey

Athena Joy - 'The Weekend'

Australian frontwoman follows in the footsteps of Lana Del Rey with this bold yet wistful swoon

Loverman - 'Blue Blood Baby'

US outfit channel the nostalgic sound of The War On Drugs for their latest uplifting single

The Great Escape - 'All You Got Is Gold'

LA-based trio get wistful on this country-inspired swoon, with nods to The Staves

Archie Faulks - 'Blackout'

British singer-songwriter delivers a heartfelt and emotional serenade, with hints of Isaac Gracie

Nathan Ball - 'All Or Nothing'

British frontman takes influence from Ben Howard in the driven and euphoric indie-rock stomper

Hanz - 'Ambivalence' ft. emawk

Norwegian producer collaborates with US frontman for this warm and inviting RnB swoon

Spielbergs - '4AM'

Norwegian upstarts return with another tenacious indie-rock thumper, with hints of Cloud Nothings

Adam Lempel - 'Echo' ft. Amanda Glasser

New York-based singer-songwriter collaborates with Purrer frontwoman for this Arcade Fire-inspired serenade

Clément Bazin - 'XO' ft. JT Soul

French frontman brings a sense of soul and funk-filled groove to this upbeat RnB cut

False Heads - 'Help Yourself'

London-based channel the grunge-era with this raucous rock anthem, lifted from their latest EP

Nemes - '60 Days'

US outfit return with this broad and atmospheric post-rock stomper, with hints of Arcade Fire

Chris Jobe - 'Lonely Lives'

US frontman takes his bold production style from Tove Lo with this bouncing electro-pop delight

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