Nick Marks - 'Cinematic Chromatics Vol. II'


Despite only being a part of the new music scene for the last few years, New York-based producer Nick Marks has already managed to a make a lasting impression upon it. Having originally made his name as a composer for countless film and TV soundtracks over the years, his own material has earned a reputation for broad and diverse aesthetics that looks to borrow from a multitude of eclectic genres and styles. And with last year's 'Cinematic Chromatics Vol. I' cementing his presence, he is now following it up with 'Cinematic Chromatics Vol. II', an EP brimming with flair and finesse throughout.

While very akin to the hip-hop sound throughout his career so far, his direction tends to lean towards a more soul-inspired and jazz-filled aesthetic than many. Taking cues from innovators like Thundercat and Flying Lotus, 'Cinematic Chromatics Vol. II' is a smooth and invigorating listen from start to finish. With a cavalcade of guest artists lending their distinctive flows, allowing him to develop a broader and more immersive sound on every track, his newest collection still makes for a brilliant succinct new offering, oozing with this captivating aura that hardly lets up throughout.

Although still very much in the infancy of his tenure right now, 'Cinematic Chromatics Vol. II' is a strong and confident return from a producer brimming with plenty of fresh ideas in which to explore. With this easygoing nature that washes over you from start to finish, you'll be hard pressed to find something you don't enjoy here.

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