Röyksopp - 'The Inevitable End'


Going out with a bang doesn't really do justice to what Röyksopp have achieved. Despite being one of the most musically dynamic and successful electronic acts of the last decade, the pair have announced that this new full-length will be their last, and while they haven't officially used the word "split", we can only speculate what this means for the future of these incredible producers. But for now, their curtain call 'The Inevitable End' is certainly something the two can be proud to end on.

Featuring a whole host of guest collaborators, such as Robyn, Jamie Irrepressible and Ryan James of Man Without Country, this new work is a little more one-sided than some of their previous work. While they have always looked to combine techno influence with a commercially accessible sound, this new material is all written in a more sombre vein. For much of the album, the beats have been replaced with long-winding soundscapes that emphasis that ending of these two and has given them a chance to really deliver an album of unchartered territory.

While it may not be much like their other work to date, it is still a wonderfully produced and glorious final record from a pair that have already done so much. Beautifully wistful at times but not without the occasional riff that stays with you all day.

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