Small Black Arrows - 'The British Museum'


Since they broke through with their stunning debut single 'The British Museum' earlier this year, UK duo Small Black Arrows have made quite the impact on the new music scene. With praise and acclaim coming in from the likes of BBC Wales and numerous publications for their string of efforts since, the band have been quick to establish themselves as one of the more passionate and alluring names on the rise. And with that buzz continuing to build, they return to deliver their eagerly-awaited debut album, also called 'The British Museum', a record that broadens that immersive direction they are looking to cement.

What has made these two such an admirable outfit in recent months has been their ability to cultivate these wondrous soundscapes that never feel disjointed or out of place. 'The British Museum' sees them push those boundaries to their outer limits as they explore a diverse array of aesthetics in order to create this wonderfully varied sound at every turn. Doubling down on those shimmering textures that they have earned a reputation for already, this sprawling fourteen-track collection sees them in a brilliantly confident guise as they make light work of these bustling art-rock-inspired tones from beginning to end.

It may still be early days for the duo, but 'The British Museum' is certainly a strong message of intent for their upcoming tenure. Moving with this vivid and vibrant flow that always maintains a captivating edge as it plays, Small Black Arrows continue their run of form in stellar fashion throughout this progressive full-length offering.

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