Alix Page - 'Old News'


Throughout 2021, we were treated to a flurry of bold and exciting alt-pop ditties from newcomer Alix Page. The Southern-Californian artist seemed to have a distinct knack for bright and engaging ideas that set her apart from the crowd, and brought her an internationally recognised audience that has served her well as she grows and progresses her sound. Now ready to kick off the new year in style, she has now returned to unveil her debut EP 'Old News', a four-track collection that continues her vibrant streak even further.

Despite its brief runtime, 'Old News' still packs in a multitude of broad and fascinating aesthetics, all expertly crafted by the woman at the helm. While looking to remain firmly within the indie-pop realm, she has created this diverse and eclectic range of directions that display a kaleidoscope of moods from start to finish. Lacing her uniquely shimmering persona throughout each of these new offerings, she certainly comes across as an artist far more matured in her years, regularly breaking usual convention in order to deliver a richer and more enticing array of delights throughout.

Alix Page may still be in her infancy, but with music this good, it only feels like a matter of time before she breaks out into the wider scene. 'Old News' makes for a vivid introduction to her work, and showcases her as a strong and captivating songwriter emerging right now.

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