The Amazons - 'Future Dust'


When Reading-based outfit The Amazons first dropped their self-titled debut album in 2017, the band were riding a wave of hype that began many years before they dropped their first full-length. With a variety of radio-friendly releases along with some inoffensive filler, their initial LP was greeted with modest acclaim, showing that while it was a confident start, many could see the opportunities lost to make a truly impactful debut record. But it seems the band themselves could also see their flaws and as they return with their sophomore full-length 'Future Dust', it is clear that they have looked to evolve away from their commercial ambitions and deliver a release that cements their raucous nature.

From the very start, 'Future Dust' looks to be the album its predecessor was hoping for. With the previously heard single 'Mother' acting as the introduction, the band drop the glossy pop-rock pretence in favour of pure and riff-heavy rock stompers, something that they rarely give up throughout. Coming across as the brainchild of Royal Blood and Queens Of The Stone Age, this follow-up is as thunderous as it is ambitious, showing that while they are still on the ascend, they are already packing their musical canon with as many stadium-filling anthems as they possibly can.

The difference between this and their debut album feels like day and night. If the self-titled record was the appetiser, then this is certainly the protein-packed main course. After two years of touring that first release, The Amazons have clearly taken on board what their fans enjoyed the most and have given a solid and cohesive follow-up that gives us even more hope for their future.

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