ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 119 Maggie Rogers

You may have seen a viral video going round the last year, where a music student plays her work to Pharrell Williams and it near moves him to tears. That student was Maggie Rogers, and as you can expect, has been quickly snapped up by Polydor in order to release her debut EP in February next year.

The song that was played in the viral video, titled 'Alaska', also became a huge hit online, gathering more than 21million views on Youtube to date, and set the ball rolling for this young talent. But now she has really shown what she is made of with the follow-up single 'Dog Years'.

The main thing that has set Rogers apart from other singer-songwriter at the moment is her creativity within instrumentation and production. Tiny eccentricities and a light cowbell percussion have become the hallmarks of this new track, before breaking into a more contemporary pop chorus with strong synths and electronics throughout.

It certainly seems the 22-year-old has tapped into something special and will no doubt become a huge name in the year to come. Have a listen to her latest single 'Dog Years' in the player below.