ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 124 Gizmo Varillas

Having spent much of the last few years honing his craft as a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter, London-based artist Gizmo Varillas has finally put together his debut album, and considering the DIY approach to his production, makes for an incredibly enjoyable listen.

With releases going back as far as 2014, the musician spent his early years creating small EPs of sun-kissed anthems made for lounging in the summer heat. And although his direction hasn't changed much, he has added numerous additions to his musical line-up, giving him a far thicker and more well-rounded sound.

His home-recorded debut album 'El Dorado' is a beautiful ray of light that will brighten up these darkest of months. And with support from the likes of 6Music and others, he is more than likely to become a far more well-known name in the months to come.

Have a listen to his single 'Freedom For A Change' in the player below.