Having already built up a solid fanbase and reputation in their home-nation of China over the past decade, electronic post-punk outfit Re-TROS could soon see themselves as the next alternative phenomenon thanks to the exposure from some 80s alt-pop heavyweights.

In the coming months, the band are set to join the legendary outfit Depeche Mode on their upcoming world tour and as a result, Re-TROS have had a huge amount of attention from the rest of the world thrust in their direction.

Their hybrid mix of industrial electronics and rock music have not only seen them become very exciting in the eyes of Mode fans, but many others are now predicting that the band could see them finally break away from their Chinese market and conquer the world.

Their latest album 'Before The Applause' is available now, and you can check out one of the highlights from the record, '8+2+8', in the player below.