With so many singer-songwriters taking us down the tried and tested road of humble sounds and swooning atmospherics, it can sometimes be hard to tell them apart. But then a voice will come along and stop you in your tracks, forcing you to sit back and listen. And today, that voice is of North London's Mega.

After years of perfecting her vocals as part of a children's choir, the frontwoman was struck with problems that threatened her ability to sing, knocking her self-esteem in the process. But with her passionate grit, she worked on her recovery, bouncing back stronger than ever as we can clearly hear on her debut single 'Chariot'.

Taking influence from the likes of Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston, Mega has developed a sound that puts her voice front and centre. With minimal production and backdrop, her performance of the song lights up throughout, leaving you with a feeling of elation as it plays. It is fair to see that she has one of those rare voices that could brighten up even the most sorrowed souls.

Have a listen to 'Chariot' in the player below.