ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 91 Future Elevators

Hailing from the musical reference point of the Southern US, Birmingham Alabama, synth-pop outfit Future Elevators may have only a small following for now, but after some recent hype, the band could soon see themselves on much larger stages.

After releasing their debut album earlier this year, but only earlier this month in the UK, Future Elevators have found themselves on the evening Radio 1 playlist, and therefore in the ears of many of the UK's new music cultivators, mainly down to their latest single 'Modern World'.

Sounding like a cross between MGMT and Air, 'Modern World' has that quaint yet rich quality that so many electronic groups try but just seem to fall short of the mark. Future Elevators have that golden touch that will surely be their key to greatness soon.

Their debut album 'Communicating Vessels' is out now and you can check out 'Modern World' in the player below.