This year has been a solid success for female solo artists. Established names and newcomers to the scene have found themselves thriving amongst a sea of electronic domination and one in particular has captured the interest of music lovers the world over. LA-born BANKS has been slowly growing herself over the last 18 months, and since first unveiling her debut singer 'Before I Met You' at the beginning of last year, a spotlight has been cast on her every move as we anticipate the release of her debut album.

Since then, however, she has managed to push out two new EPs, 'Fall Over and 'London'. Both of which earned her massive acclaim from the music press and landed her a spot on the BBC's Sound Of 2014 list as well as a Brand New Nominee by MTV. Her harmonious voice mixed with lo-fi electronics has given her a signature sound that has captured the attention of music fans the world over and allowed her to tweak her sound into something not only captivating but groundbreaking as well.

Her debut album 'Goddess' is due out later this month and is looking to include a whole variety of tracks the singer has unveiled over the last year and a half. While much of the material may be over a year old now, it still remains relevant in the eyes of her fans and is looking to become one of this year's most in-demand new releases.