ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.303 - Fern Ford

Despite already killing it on the scene as the drummer for The Big Moon, emerging producer and songwriter Fern Ford is now ready to branch out on her own as she unveils her debut single 'Match'.

Looking to move away from the bold and anthemic dimensions of her formative outfit, 'Match' sees her take a far more ambient approach. With its smooth and ethereal aesthetic running the length of this initial offering, she is showing far more depth to her persona than most emerging artists this year, giving her a real complex and enjoyable debut.

Speaking about the release, she said, "I first started writing 8 years ago, armed with just a Casiotone 202 and a xylophone. Being the drummer in a band, I always felt like maybe I should stay in my lane and leave the song writing to the pros. It felt a bit like imposter syndrome, helped by the fact that the music I was making didn’t sound like the music I was hearing around me, which made me think that maybe I was doing it wrong. I soon realised that was silly. Over the years the self-doubt subsided and with a bit of practise, I finally found my voice. ‘Match’ is about trusting your intuition. It’s about realising your strength and finding comfort in the unknown.”

Have a listen to 'Match' in the player below.