ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.325 - World's First Cinema

Having already broken through with their brilliant initial offerings ‘Can’t Feel Anything’ and ‘Red Run Cold’ in late 2020, World's First Cinema are now ready to burst into the new year in style as they release their euphoric new single 'Cold Sets In'.

Made up of Neck Deep founding member Fil Thorpe and Macklemore collaborator John Sinclair, alternatively known as Saint Claire, the duo are looking to embark on something far more ambitious than their past suggests. Focusing more on the warm and atmospheric alt-pop direction, 'Cold Sets In' sees them deliver a broad and sensual return that evokes raw emotion at every turn.

Speaking about the new release, they said, "The song continues on to lyrically explore how pain and strife can bring you closer to loved ones. But even when that pain causes you to step away, we learn that starting over can be the most important part of the journey. This track is the first ballad esq offering the band has released and acts as a clear indicator that we can expect a more emotional side of this project in the future."

'Cold Sets In' will feature on their forthcoming debut EP, which arrives in the Spring, and you can check it out in the player below.