ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.338 - Georgia Twinn

After impressing so many with her brilliant debut EP 'Talk' earlier this year, fast-rising 17-year-old Georgia Twinn has now returned with her latest pop banger 'Matty Healy'.

While named after The 1975 frontman, the track is actually about an ex-boyfriend who bore an uncanny resemblance to the singer. As a result, she was heartbroken but wanted to make sure that he knew that he was never as good as the real thing.

Speaking about the offering, she said, “I was inspired by quite a negative person in my life, who I was in ‘love’ with and they’d always say they looked better than Matty Healy and I was like ‘no!!!’ because I wasn’t going to let anyone ruin Matty or The 1975 for me when they’d eventually break my heart lol. And that’s exactly what happened. This is one of a few break-up bangers I have on the way”.

Watch the new video for 'Matty Healy' in the player below.