ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.408 - Memphis LK

After finding viral success with her breakthrough single 'Letters In Concrete' and debut EP '1' earlier this year, Australian DJ, producer and songwriter Memphis LK has now returned with her incredible new effort 'Whip'.

Blending a diverse mix of D&B and alt-pop textures throughout, 'Whip' makes for an instantly impactful listen. With her sweet and sweeping vocals riding over a bed of energetic and shimmering production from start to finish, she looks set to become one of the most talked about new artists of the year so far.

Speaking about the new offering, she said, "Making dance music, I’m drawn to sounds that have conflicting moods, contrasting the hard and the soft. That’s 'Whip'. It’s kind of a breakup anthem for bad bitches. The day I started making this song, I was carrying a 15L water bottle up the stairs and I tripped and put a hole in the wall. So every time I look at the massive hole in the wall I think "Oh cool that was the day I made Whip."

Check out the new video for 'Whip' in the player below.