ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.413 - Lila Drew

After breaking through with a breadth of rich and tantalising offerings these last few years, including '2023', 'Crystal Ball', and 'Bad Juice', London-born, L.A-raised artist Lila Drew is now ready to cross the first major milestone of her career so far with the announcement of her long-awaited debut album 'All The Places I Could Be'.

Showcased by the mesmerising new cut 'Lila's Theme', her first full-length aims to cement her glittering legacy to date with a broad and spellbinding array of releases from throughout her tenure. The newest effort 'Lila's Theme' sees her conjure a warm and heartfelt direction that perfectly illustrates her bright and enigmatic place on today's scene.

Speaking about the new single, she said, “A lot of ‘Lila’s Theme’ is about Joan Didion’s essay ‘The White Album’. She talks about 1968 in Los Angeles in such a poignant and unromantic way. And she was the first woman I’d ever read who talked about mental health with such honesty. I just love her work so much and it’s inspired a lot of my music and my non-music writing. I was thinking a lot about how communication was just so vastly different in the time she was writing ‘The White Album’ versus the time I was writing ‘Lila’s Theme’. How our relationships have changed so much because of the changes in communication. That’s what Lila’s Theme is all about, and a really central theme to a lot of the songs I’ve written.”

Lila Drew's debut LP 'All The Places I Could Be' is set to be released on the 11th November and you can watch the Vincent Haycock-directed video for 'Lila's Theme' in the player below.