ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.446 - Matilda Lynn

After spending the last few years building and cultivating her sound, Swedish songwriter and producer Matilda Lynn is now ready to introduce herself to the world as she deliver her stunning debut single 'A Bowl Of Unripe Fruit'.

Capturing a wonderfully warm and ethereal acoustic-led aesthetic for her initial effort, 'A Bowl Of Unripe Fruit' makes for a rousing introduction to her sound. Accompanied by a mesmerising new video, she sweeps and soars across this tender new outing, perfectly elevating her distinctively beautiful voice from start to finish.

Speaking about the new single, she said, “I wrote ‘A Bowl of Unripe Fruit’ in my bedroom 1.5 years ago with the feeling of always wanting something else. Playing with the thought of “what if all my dreams stood in front of me” would that really make me happy and fulfilled?”

Watch the new video for 'A Bowl Of Unripe Fruit' in the player below.