ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.454 - Pink Footage

After originally making a name for themselves as Elevant over the last few years, Liverpudlians Oli Cummins, Michael Edward, Hannah Lodge and Tom Shand now look to kickstart their next project Pink Footage with the explosive debut single 'Stuck'.

Branching out into a broad and diverse aesthetic that seems to borrow from almost every sub-category under the alt-rock umbrella, 'Stuck' makes for a wonderfully fresh and distinctive introduction to their sound. With its bright and infectious energy set perfectly to some bombastic hooks throughout, this lot are kicking things off with something truly unique and different to add to the new music scene.

Speaking about the new offering, they said, “It’s taking something hyper-masculine, and putting a jarring, pink, campy filter over it. We felt like that was a good mirror to the music we’re writing now, and to the post-modern way rock music is made now”.

Watch the new video for 'Stuck' in the player below.