ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.456 - Lauren Mayberry

Having already made her mark as the lead singer of electro-pop juggernauts CHVRCHES this past decade, Lauren Mayberry is now looking to break out from her formative roots as she introduces her new solo project, opening up with the tender debut single 'Are You Awake?'

Stepping back from her usually euphoric and electronic guise, 'Are You Awake?' is a wonderfully warm and woozy acoustic-led introduction to her own sound. With her bright and shimmering voice layered across a humbled production from start to finish, she is kicking things off with a beautifully arranged and emotive release, brimming with heartfelt textures and alluring aesthetics throughout.

Speaking about her first solo outing, she said, “'Are You Awake?' is a song that started on a rainy day last December with Tobias Jesso Jr. I was thinking a lot about loneliness and homesickness, and as soon as Tobias started playing the chords, the lyrics and melody came to me really quickly. I finished the song with my friend Matthew Koma, who really understood what I was trying to say.

“For a long time, I couldn't imagine doing anything outside of CHVRCHES but I think some things that I needed to write had to be done from purely my own point of view. I never really thought I'd write a piano ballad, or a solo album full stop, so life really is full of surprises. I am really looking forward to this chapter and can't wait for people to hear more of the music.”

Have a listen to 'Are You Awake?' in the player below.