ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.463 - tenderhooks

After spending the last few months building and developing her sound, emerging artist tenderhooks is now ready to introduce herself to the wider world with her captivating debut single 'Enemy'.

Capturing a wonderfully broad and innovative alt-pop aesthetic for her initial offering, 'Enemy' makes for a wonderfully bold and immersive listen. With her rich and mesmerising voice layered across a haunted, multifaceted production throughout, she is kicking things off with a brilliantly alluring opening number here.

Speaking about the new offering, she said, "The shape of text is a visual representation of the melody. Each syllable is set to its relative pitch, with the weight tied to its volume, so you can see how the lyrics are sung. I loved seeing that intersection of the word and the sound".

'Enemy' is the first of a larger body of work she is set to announce soon. Listen to it in the player below.