ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.464 - ratbag

After cementing herself on the scene with her highly-impactful initial offerings 'exit girl' and 'rats in my walls' earlier this year, fast-rising artist ratbag continues her vibrant ascent with her energetic new single 'dead end kids'.

Bringing back more of that fun and uplifting punk-infused pop aesthetic she is cultivating for herself right now, 'dead end kids' sees her return with one of her most enjoyable outings to date. Building upon the praise and acclaim of her previous material, this new outing sees her go bigger than ever, bringing all of us along for this fantastical ride throughout.

Speaking about the new offering, she said, “‘dead end kids’ is not a very positive song, but i needed somewhere to throw up my frustration. i often feel stuck in a dead end, with all my friends. the very system we live in, fundamentally works against the majority of us. it’s stupid. i would like to kill the systems that keep these dickheads in power so that we can have a real chance at making this work.”

Have a listen to 'dead end kids' in the player below.