Audri shares new EP 'Mechanic High'

After establishing herself with a trio of EP releases over the last few years, which have since gone onto garner more than one million streams collectively, Seattle-based artist Audri has returned once again to unveil her latest collection 'Mechanic High'.

Channelling more of that rich and explorative folk-pop energy she has cultivated for herself, 'Mechanic High' showcases some of her most euphoric songwriting to date. Jam-packed with bright and effervescent tones, a soaring atmosphere, and her own distinctly compelling vocals at the helm, she sweeps and swoons her way through this wonderfully dynamic offering.

While she has clearly been riding a wave of buzz thanks to her previous efforts, there is something beautifully alluring about 'Mechanic High'. Opting for some truly wondrous and heartfelt moments littered amongst her newest gems, she captures a beautifully intense joy within her work, something that is guaranteed to slap a smile on your face from start to finish.

Have a listen to 'Mechanic High' in the player below.