BANNERS - 'All Back To Mine'


Since the release of his breakthrough debut LP 'Where the Shadow Ends' in 2019, Liverpool's Michael Nelson aka BANNERS has rarely stopped developing his distinctive sound. With a flurry of EP and single releases landing in the years past, he has been cultivating a rich and joyous direction in which to explore, heightened by his own proficient approach to songwriting. And after such widespread acclaim in recent years, he returns once again with his eagerly-awaited sophomore album 'All Back To Mine', a record that looks to cement those glittering ideals.

Much like what these last few years have shown us, 'All Back To Mine' is a bright and infectious deep-dive into his vibrant indie-pop aesthetic. With its rich and glossy production set to an energetic pace throughout, he looks to keep the vibes incredibly high across this long-awaited full-length. Coupling the euphoric intention with the occasional heart-wrenching ballad gives this release a progressive duality that perfectly sums up his ambitions these last few years.

BANNERS has always been a project yearning for bigger and more anthemic pursuits, and 'All Back To Mine' perfectly illustrates those dynamic interests. Brimming with passion and vigour at every turn, he returns with some of his most memorable offerings to date here.

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