Be Your Own Pet - 'Mommy'


While their original burst onto the scene was more short-lived than anyone would have wanted, Be Your Own Pet still managed to leave a lasting legacy. With their self-titled and follow-up LP 'Get Awkward' cementing them as one of the more ferocious names on the then-revered garage-punk scene, the band's sudden break-up in 2008 was met with disappointment, especially considering things seemed to finally be growing for the four-piece. But now older and wiser, they are back to deliver their long-awaited third studio album 'Mommy', a record that tries to revive those original charms.

Although it may not have the same tenacity their first two offerings exploded with, 'Mommy' feels like a more assured and confident outfit at the helm. Sounding exactly what you would think Be Your Own Pet would sound like in their thirties, they have this more matured attitude to their sound, one that doesn't rely so much on loud and thunderous energy. This more pensive and driven aesthetic suits their boisterous direction down to a tee, and shows that they still haven't lost that youthful sting they were always admired for.

As far as longtime comebacks go, Be Your Own Pet goes down as the most surprising and appropriate so far this year. 'Mommy' finds them pick up almost exactly where they left off and delivers a much-needed dose of power to a sometimes dampened indie-rock arena of late.

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