Bear Beat delivers new single 'The Cave'

Having already turned out a wealth of broad and immersive gems this past year, UK-based producer Bear Beat isn't slowing down anytime soon as he returns once again with his stunning new single 'The Cave'.

Adopting more of that warm and shimmering atmosphere he has been developing lately, alongside a series of spoken word samples and even a rap verse throughout, 'The Cave' makes for fascinating listening. With its broad and textured tones set to a wonderfully progressive groove from start to finish, he is once again cementing himself as a true innovator on the new music scene.

While these last few months have certainly been an extremely prolific journey for him, 'The Cave' marks another vital step in his musical evolution so far. With such a riveting and compelling approach to his production, it already feels like we are going to be hearing a lot more from him in the months ahead as well.

Have a listen to 'The Cave' in the player below.