Belle & Sebastian - 'Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance'


As one of the most consistent and popular acts in British music over the last two decades, Belle & Sebastian haven't been as prolific as they once were. Despite this being their ninth studio album since their formation in the mid-90s, it has been five years since we last got treated to any new material from this musical collective and from the initial sound of it, it seems like they have been yearning to introduce us to their latest work.

The record opens with some incredibly inviting compositions that give you an instant sense of warmth and comfort to get yourself settled. After all, 'Girls In Peactime Want To Dance' does stretch on for more than an hour, so keeping the album entertaining is the main priority the band have set themselves. And unlike some of their previous work, this latest collection of material has seen them broaden their musical horizons and introduce a number of more contemporary and electronically led tracks into the mix, giving the record a greater feeling of diversity and intrigue.

However, as chirpy and excitable the record is, it does lack that special something that keeps you humming the songs for the rest of the day. While it does have a number of highlights scattered throughout, much of it fails to hit the spot and has resulted in a rather so-so release.

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