Biig Piig - 'The Sky Is Bleeding'


Around the start of 2021, Biig Piig was literally all the music world could talk about. Having been named as one of the artists to watch for the year ahead by dozens of publications, the buzz surrounding her work reached fever pitch, leading many to hone in on the young artist and every move she has made since. But while the attention during a normal year would be well received, gaining notoriety during a global pandemic meant that she has been limited in what she can record and where. Thankfully she has been able to relocate to LA between lockdowns in order to produce her new body of work 'The Sky Is Bleeding', a release that sees her take a more solemn direction.

While the last few months have seen her drop a multitude of standout anthems such as 'Oh No', 'Liahr', 'Cuenta Lo', and 'Feels Right', the latter of which clocking up over fifty million streams, don't expect to see any of them on this new EP as 'The Sky Is Bleeding' is more about moving past her breakout offerings and delivering something more atmospheric throughout. Moving in tandem with her contemporaries such as Arlo Parks and Phoebe Bridgers, this new effort is a smooth and vibrant return that displays more of her subtle eccentricities rather than blow us any with a quick radio-friendly pop track.

Overall, this feels like the natural next step for Biig Piig. Having already dabbled in a variety of genres since her incarnation, creating something with heart and passionate drive shows us that she is going to be around for a lot longer yet. The only question now is what will she be working on next?

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