Boots - ‘AQUΛRIA’


After making a name for himself as a co-producer for Beyonce, Run The Jewels and FKA Twigs over the last few years, emerging producer BOOTS has chosen to introduce himself to the world as a fully-fledged artist with the release of his debut album ‘AQUΛRIA’. And much like his work to date, this new release is an eclectic mix of various influences and inspirations that come together to create an extremely brooding collection.

From its heavy beats and solemn pace, ‘AQUΛRIA’ certainly aims to create an effective groove from the off. The steady yet powerful rhythm displayed throughout this new album makes for an incredibly engaging listen as each track looks to build on the atmosphere of the previous and build the record into this all encompassing feeling of dread and intensity. Stand out tracks like 'Bombs Away' and 'C.U.R.E.' add this real sense of danger within the music, giving a almost movie score like effect.

It is certainly one of the few albums this year to have shown a great level of both quality and interest. And while the hype surrounding BOOTS still continues to grow, ‘AQUΛRIA’ will surely become more fuel for that fire.

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