Crystal Castles - 'Amnesty (I)'


The last four years have been a turbulent times for Crystal Castles. After initially announcing that the pair were breaking up, it was then revealed that Alice Glass had simply left the duo in a very public and unapologetic way. Tensions between the two seemed to become more heated after they disbanded as each side threw insults back and forth. Yet despite all the venom, Crystal Castles are back, this time with new vocalist Edith Frances, and have now delivered their fourth studio album 'Amnesty (I)'.

In the latter years of the group, the pair began to opt for a more atmospheric sound rather than the glitchy-trance electro of their debut. But this new release seems to see them hark back to more of their original premise. It doesn't have the same anarchy and carnage about it, but the general tone of the record is built for more of a live setting, with pounding beats and distorted synths running rampant throughout.

News broke just before this release that the new duo are planning to donate profits from the release of this album to Amnesty International, which paints a very different picture when you listen to this release. They seem to want to create an image of themselves that doesn't reflect the anger and bitterness than came out from their break up. And while sonically they have managed to create a more cohesive release, it is now missing that same raw energy of their previous records.

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