Deap Vally - 'American Cockroach'


While they are still yet to follow-up their latest album 'Femejism' from 2016, US duo Deap Vally have remained incredibly productive over the last few years. After knocking out the widely enjoyed EP 'Digital Dream' earlier this year, as well as their collaboration with Flaming Lips 'Deap Lips' in 2020, it is clear that the pair are looking to figure out their next move, so have returned with the pulsing new EP 'American Cockroach', a smorgasbord of new ideas that lead many to assume they are almost ready to deliver that new full-length instalment.

When 'Femejism' dropped five years ago, it was greeted as one of the most progressive and distinct records of that year. Their nods to the fuzzy blues-rock sound and uncompromising demeanour made them instant favourites across the board, but on 'American Cockroach' it feels like they are ready to develop something new. From the start, this new four-track collection plays as diverse as possible. While there are plenty of markers to their older sound here, there are moments that see them truly break the mould and unveil a release with blistering energy and vicious textures throughout.

Who's to say when we will see another studio album from these two, but 'American Cockroach' makes for a wildly enjoyable pit-stop either way. The buzz and acclaim they have earned over the years has been fully realised on here, and it feels like their form is finally maturing into something greater than they could have thought possible.

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