Dylan Sherry releases new EP 'Ur Love'

After spending the last few years releasing flurry of rich and enticing offerings, US singer and songwriter Dylan Sherry has now returned to unveil his latest EP 'Ur Love'.

With a sound that takes cues from a mixture of indie-rock and classic country tropes, 'Ur Love' showcases exactly why so many have already thrown their praise at the frontman over the years. With his soft and silky voice layered amongst a sweet and humbling acoustic-led direction, this new four-track collection offers up some of his most passionate songwriting to date, heartfelt and romantic throughout.

He has already displayed great talent on a string of releases in recent times, but it feels like Dylan Sherry could be rising to his highest heights with this offering. Smooth and inviting from start to finish, 'Ur Love' is a wonderfully warm and captivating gem that will pull on your heartstrings and leave you feeling rejuvenated by the end.

Have a listen to 'Ur Love' in the player below.