Emanuel - 'Alt Therapy'


After establishing his sound with the sensational EP release 'Alt Therapy Session 1: Disillusion', followed up quickly by the second chapter 'Alt Therapy Session 2: Transformation' earlier this year, Canadian singer and songwriter Emanuel has been firmly fixed on delivering a sound that is far more heartfelt and emotionally-driven that much of the commercial RnB scene of late. His distinctly passionate direction has allowed him to venture into more adventurous territory recently, and now looks to cement his sound with the thrilling debut album 'Alt Therapy', a record that brings together much of his most inspiring work to date.

For fans of the artist, much of this new collection won't be much of a surprise as there is plenty lifted from his previous EPs on here; but hearing everything played together makes for a wonderfully vibrant listen. From the start, 'Alt Therapy' is about honing in on smooth and subtle sounds to create a body of work that is more about drawing the listener in than blowing them away. His sugary vocals wrap themselves around the light and atmospheric instrumentation that shrouds the length of this LP, and gives us a true insight into the beautiful world he has created for himself.

Nothing seems to be standing in his way right now, giving Emanuel the freedom to showcase his true worth, and 'Alt Therapy' is the result of an untethered artist pouring his soul into something. It is remarkable we don't hear names like his very often, which only adds to how special this new material is.

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