Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate!) - 'You Will Eventually Be Forgotten'


Although having an admittedly overcomplicated name, Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate!) have proven themselves as one of the most prolific names in the current music scene. Since their formation in 2008, siblings Keith and Cathy Latinen have released four EPs, a dozen splits, three 7" singles and a debut album, adding more than sixty songs to their ever growing repertoire. But now the pair have returned with their second studio album, and with a rigorous touring schedule now under their belt, we are now seeing a more refined attitude from the band.

Gathering early comparisons to Death Cab For Cutie and Mineral, 'You Will Eventually Be Forgotten' is being treated as a milestone in the emo revival and rightly so. Rather than opt for the conventional and over-exaggerated clichés of the genre, the couple have held the reigns of their sound incredibly well and have created an album with a steady pace that looks to focus on the beautiful songwriting over everything else. It has a consistency that most albums fail to maintain to the very end, and keeps its warm and inviting atmosphere flowing throughout. Allowing the listener to get right under the skin of the release, turning the experience into more of a serenade than a simple performance.

It certainly has all the hallmarks of a competent band, and if their name wasn't so hard to remember, they would probably be enjoying a more high-profile career. But for now, they are their fan's perfect little secret and it's an appearance that suits them to a tee.

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