Ezra Furman - 'Perpetual Motion People'


Having already found himself a cult favourite in the US, Ezra Furman has found it difficult spreading his sound in the British music scene. But by the sounds of this new release, it looks like that might be about to change. His third solo album 'Perpetual Motion People' is the first release on his new label Bella Union and from the start, it is a joy of unimaginable proportions.

From the album's opener and lead single 'Restless Year', a song that could brighten the day of any sorry soul, the record flows into this cheerful vibe that never seems to slow down. But while some may attempt this ultra glossy feel with a barrel load of cheesy intentions, Furman has produced a far more aurally pleasing sound. Its general atmosphere harks back to a 1960s surf rock influence that not only gives it that familiar effect, but also makes it very fun to listen to as well.

It is certainly one of the most upbeat records we have heard this year, and its summer release date will only do it more favours. But if this doesn't bring a smile to your face, then absolutely nothing else will.

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