Gerard Way - 'Hesitant Alien'


It has been almost a decade since My Chemical Romance first set the emo scene alight with their seminal 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge' album, a record that would come to change the American rock scene forever and usher in a new breed of artists who managed to tap into the teenage ethos with as much passion and ambition as grunge did back in the early 90s. But while trends have moved on and the band themselves have since disbanded, frontman Gerard Way still feels like he has more to add to his own legacy and has in turn delivered a solo record that looks to move far away from his more familiar sound.

Taking on board that ten years has been and gone since then, Way and his fanbase have all aged in accordance, so this new album looks to appease those that have followed him thus far and brings back a lot of nostalgia about those days without the overzealous references to depression and adolescent angst. 'Hesitant Alien' is for the most part a far more mature record than anything MCR ever produced and sees Way try to build himself a new image and sound that is more about his presence as a frontman rather than a cohesive style. The album meanders throughout a variety of different influences that help to accentuate the frontman's exuberant energy and results in an album that rarely finds its place.

It may not be the best thing Gerard Way has ever put his name to, but his new direction does have its moments to enjoy. Fans expecting a high-paced album of ferocity and sing-along choruses will be disappointed but will still find the odd track on here to enjoy.

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