Larando Suave - 'Secret Garden'


When Dallas-based rapper Larando Suave released his 'Ghost Train EP' last year, he was greeted as one of the fresher and more innovative names to arrive on the hip-hop scene that year. Developing this wonderfully rich and immersive style that perfectly suited his easygoing flow at every turn, he certainly turned plenty of heads with his initial offering. Now looking to double down on that dynamic aesthetic once again, he returns with his adventurous debut album 'Secret Garden', a record that builds heavily on that illustrious foundation throughout.

Continuing that broad and impactful pursuit of enigmatic textures with his newest outing, 'Secret Garden' finds him in a brilliantly bold and tantalising guise. Blending a driven rap flow with an alt-R&B production as often as possible, this new collection makes for an incredibly distinctive and succinct listen. With each track its own little snapshot of whatever particular emotion overcomes him at the time, he is able to develop this wonderfully progressive direction that always looks to deliver something new and interesting as it plays.

He may still be within the infancy of his tenure right now, but 'Secret Garden' is a strong and confident statement of intent. Brimming with this refined presence that moves with effortless elegance throughout, it feels like we are going to be hearing a lot more from him in the years ahead as well.

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