Getting To Know... BRAJ

Following on from the release of their much-loved debut album 'Brajtopia' in 2021, emerging duo BRAJ are back once again to deliver their dreamy new single 'Overview'.

Bringing back more of that rich and shimmering R&B-inspired aesthetic they are known for, 'Overview' makes for an incredibly warm and sweeping listen. With its shimmering textures perfectly set to a vibrant production from start to finish, these two are returning to the fold with one of their most mesmerising outings to date.

So with the new single available to stream now, we sat down with them to find out more about their origins and what has inspired them most over the years.


What was the first instrument you fell in love with?

The first instrument to win my heart over is easily the guitar. As a kid growing up in the early 2000s, I was heavily into School of Rock and Guitar Hero (I own nearly every game incl. The Rock Band series). They inspired me and my friends to beg our parents for guitars and to this day, we’re all still playing.

What kind of music did you love when you were younger?

Funnily enough, the first genre I truly fell in love with as a child was Hip Hop. I was obsessed with the Black Eyed Peas, Dr Dre, Eminem, Rage Against The Machine, and Kanye. For a child in primary school, I knew too many dirty words.

What was the first album you remember owning?

The first CD I ever owned was Elephunk by The Black Eyed Peas. I played it to death. I played it till nearly every song had scratches and skips in it at some point.

What is the one song you wished you could have written yourself?

I can’t speak for Jordan on this one, but I'd have to say ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ by Bob Dylan. This song encapsulates everything amazing about music. The lyrics tell an amazing story and the accompanying instruments are simple yet add so much to the track as well. This song means so much to me and the track has stood the test of time. I truly believe it’s one of the best songs ever written. Bob Dylan has no shortage of iconic tracks that have been covered by countless other amazing musicians.

Do you have any habits or rituals you go through when trying to write new music?

Jordan and I have an assortment of traditions we implement when composing new tracks. The biggest one we do for nearly every song is beatboxing a rhythm and then start jamming on top of it. Typically I’m on bass and Jordan plays the guitar and we throw ideas at each other on both instruments until we find something we absolutely love.

Who are your favourite artists you have found yourself listening to at the moment?

As a music producer, I love listening to many different styles of music, whether it be psychedelic rock, RnB, blues, jazz, nu metal, one of my favourites- pop-punk. But lately I’ve been venturing into the world of Country and I’d have to say Luke Combs and John Pardi are my favourite artists in this genre. They have the catchiest tunes, great vocal performances and they’re mixed just so well.

If you could open a show for anyone in the world, who would it be?

It’d have to be Jamiroquai. Their music is just so funky and has a huge emphasis on rhythm. Plus, the fans would already be anticipating funky jams and a bit of a groove.

What do you find is the most rewarding part about being a musician?

As cliche as this may sound, the most rewarding part would have to be just doing what you love and sharing it with the world. Creating art that you’re proud of and having it out there for anyone to come across evokes feelings of joy and satisfaction.

And what is the most frustrating part?

There are countless frustrations being a muso, anyone would agree, however, I’d have to say the most frustrating part in this day and age is that musicians aren’t JUST musicians. Being an independent artist/band, you have to be your own manager, marketing director, publicist, distributor, social media manager, and the list goes on.

The skills you learn taking all these responsibilities are highly useful, however the problem occurs when it takes time and energy out of composing music.

And what is the best piece of advice you have received as a musician?

The best piece of advice I’ve received has to be: ‘just go for it.’ As simple as it is, it’s the piece of advice that changed my whole mentality about pursuing music.

What I realised after hearing this was whether I succeed or not, I’ll give it everything I can so in the future I’ll be glad knowing I put 100% into making my ambitions a reality.


BRAJ's new single 'Overview' is available to stream now. Watch the new video for it in the player below.