Gucci Mane & C4 - 'The Oddfather'


Most rap albums will usually comprise of a number of guest producers, each adding their own take on a track and help the momentum of the release by keeping the variety fresh. So when a high-profile rapper like Gucci Mane collaborates with producer C4, a fast-rising name on the scene, to create a collaborative work, you can generally expect to have an album that sticks to a certain mould and not falter on its original ideas. Which in this case is exactly what you get.

Unlike a lot of other rap albums, 'The Oddfather' is 15 tracks of the same idea and direction. C4's incredible talent for beats has no room for diversity as he lays out one trap production after the next that generally holds the record back from being able to spread itself out and really test the vocals of Gucci Mane. While there is the odd break from the monotony with guest vocals from Young Scooter, OJ Da Juiceman, Young Thug and PeeWee Longway, the overall sound of this record differs very little and begins to literally sound like a broken record, going over the same formula again and again.

It's not a bad record by any means, but once you've heard one trap-infused rap record you've certainly heard them all, and this one fails to explore the almost limitless potential of this sub-genre.

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