Hana Piranha releases new album 'Wingspan'

Following on from the glowing response to her much-loved 2020 LP 'Wednesday's Child', Brighton-based artist Hana Piranha returns to the fold once again to deliver her captivating new studio album 'Wingspan'.

Featuring the previously shared gems 'Fucked Up Feeling', 'The Devil Always Pulls Through', and 'Lorelei', this new twelve-track collection makes for an incredibly bold and dynamic listen. Jam-packed with broad and immersive textures, a vibrant atmosphere, and her own mesmerising vocals leading the charge, 'Wingspan' continues to cement her as one of the more compelling name on the UK's alt-rock scene.

While these last few years have certainly been a great time for innovation and self-discovery, 'Wingspan' shows that she is still very much on top of her creative game right now. With such a rich and driven approach to her songwriting and production throughout, she shines with one of her most engaging releases to date.

Have a listen to 'Wingspan' in the player below.