Japanese Breakfast - 'Jubilee'


When Michelle Zauner aka Japanese Breakfast released her debut album 'Psychopomp' in 2016, it always felt like we were going to be seeing a lot more of her in the years ahead. While written during the troubling time of her mother's cancer treatment, and the follow-up 'Soft Sounds From Another Planet' used as a grief mechanism after her death, she still showcased an incredibly progressive sound that allowed her to move out of the sudden sorrow she was feeling at the time. But after almost four years of waiting, she is back with her third effort 'Jubilee', a record that sees her mark a crucial moment in her career.

In all, 'Jubilee' is still very much influenced by that difficult period in her life, but looking at it in a more reflective state. Each of these songs have an incredibly warm and embracing sound to them, giving them a feeling of longing love that palpitates throughout. From the very start, it has this feeling of new discovery and adventurousness within the songwriting, but always remains tied to the vision she has of herself, creating this distinctly fresh and vibrant sound that sees her grow as an artist, but always looking to keep one foot embedded in her roots.

Japanese Breakfast has always maintained this steady reputation as the future of the alt-pop world, and it finally feels like she has released the album she was always intended to create. 'Jubilee' is not just a huge step forward for her as an artist, it shows us all that sometimes you need to let things settle in order for inspiration to arrive.

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