Jonas Wang releases new EP 'Imaginary Farm'

Following on from a string of broad and inventive gems in the past few years, London-based artist Jonas Wang has now made his long-awaited return to deliver the woozy new EP 'Imaginary Farm'.

While he originally made a name for himself in a more electronic pop field, this new four-track collection sees him pursue a warm and ethereal chill-hop aesthetic throughout. Filled with sweet and alluring textures, a dreamy atmosphere, and shimmering grooves from start to finish, 'Imaginary Farm' makes for a wonderfully smooth and endearing listen.

Despite the two-year gap in his repertoire, 'Imaginary Farm' shows that he has been busy reinventing his sound for the next phase in his musical evolution. With such a light yet progressive approach to his direction, he is definitely one worth keeping a firm eye on for the months ahead as well.

Have a listen to 'Imaginary Farm' in the player below.